Meet Our Team

Stacey HoneymanChief Executive Officer

Stacey is wife to Dave and they have 3 children together. Stacey was introduced to her passion of working with people with disabilities at a very young age through meeting Dave. When she and Dave started dating in high school she quickly became enveloped in Dave’s world of caring for his siblings with idd and his mother Ellie’s passion for defending the rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Stacey carries on this legacy by being a member of the  Adult IDD Waiver Redesign Council. She has advocated for the rights of adults with idd for 30 years. Stacey has experience as a family member, host home provider, Resource Coordinator, Program Director, grant writer and trainer. At Honeyman Services, Stacey is in charge of all facets within the company. In her free time she loves listening to disco music, hiking Colorado’s fourteeners, traveling, volunteering and spending time with her 3 kids and 2 dogs.

Dave HoneymanChief Financial Officer

Dave is husband to Stacey and father of their 3 children. Dave has worked with persons with idd for 40 years. Dave also has 4 younger siblings with idd. He has experience as both a family member and a professional. Dave has worked with persons with idd ranging in age from infants to seniors and all ages in between. Dave has residential experience in settings such as apartment living, group home, and host homes. He has worked in various day program settings, as a job coach and as an employment trainer. Dave also owned and manged a printing business for 20 years where he provided gainful employment opportunities for persons with idd. Dave’s contributions to Honeyman Services include activity management and planning, transportation, human resources and general administration. Dave also enjoys cooking, playing ice hockey, bowling and spending time with his family.

Shanna WatsonManager of Day Services

Shanna comes to us from the school district where she was a mainstream teacher for 14 years. Shanna’s interest in individuals with idd started when she was a substitute teacher for elementary special education. Shanna also has her master’s in educational technology which has been a great benefit to us at Honeyman Services. Shanna is passionate about researching strategies to support our members. Shanna loves the opportunity to learn about how the transition into adult services works. When she’s not working, she enjoys making art, cooking, and riding her bike.

Ava CollisterDay Program Staff

Ava is a Colorado native and grew up in the Arvada area. Some of her favorite hobbies include reading, MMA, collecting vinyl records, and spending time with loved ones. Ava has known Dave and Stacey for several years, and they have been close family friends. Ava enjoys working in this field because she loves getting to know each individual and creating a safe space for them to thrive as individuals. Ava reports that each day is awesome because of the incredible people she gets to interact with, and the fun memories they are creating together.

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