Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question:
    Why should I attend this class, instead of just figuring out ride share on my own or with help from family a caregiver or support staff?
  2. Answer:
    The Ride Share Education program is an extensive training course specifically designed to teach and support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, caregivers or support staff. It has been developed over the past five years by Honeyman Services, who was the first agency to start using ride share services as a transportation option. Honeyman Services currently supports more than 300 individual trips per month. This experience and expertise has allowed us to develop a comprehensive curriculum that addresses everything associated with accessing ride share services, including safety, app navigation, account setup and many other features that most people are unaware of. Many students and parents that have used ride share services in the past report how much they did not know and learned from taking the course, even parents and siblings that use ride share services frequently. Of, course you can access ride share without taking our course, however we do recommend taking the course you will not be disappointed.

  3. Question:
    Are ride share services safe?
  4. Answer:
    Ride share services are very safe. It is very important to know how to access them safely and responsibly to avoid any hazardous situations. Safety is covered extensively during the course and tools like sharing trip status with parents or caregivers are all covered as well as accessing emergency assistance while on trip. Many of the incidents that have happened and made it to the news are very isolated incidents and are generally examples of someone who was uninformed and not accessing ride share safely and responsibly. 

  5. Question:
    What time do the sessions start and how long are they?
  6. Answer:
    The training session are two days. The first day sign in opens at 8am and the session begins at 9:00am and runs to 3:00pm, the second day is from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Snacks, drinks and lunch are provided at no cost throughout both days.

  7. Question:
    Can a parent, caregiver or support staff attend the training session with the individual?
  8. Answer:
    YES!!! We strongly encourage parents, caregivers and support staff to attend with their individual. We have specific parts of the training that are designed to address parent/caregiver concerns, as well as tools to assist them in supporting individuals.

  9. Question:
    What is the individual training?
  10. Answer:
    At the end of the second day of the training session each individual will schedule a time to meet at a place convenient for them with one of our instructor teams. At that time our instructor team will assist each individual and family with developing a ride share strategy specific to the individuals needs. Our team has extensive experience developing strategies for many different need levels, from individuals that can access ride share with little to no assistance to individuals that require almost full assistance. Once a strategy is developed then the instructor team takes a few test rides with the individual to locations that they may frequent via rides share. The instructors slowly over the course of these rides decreases their involvement and support to allow each individual to achieve their most comfortable and independent ride. Parents and caregivers are welcome to follow along with the instructor team. At the completion of the individual training the team will leave each individual with $200 worth of ride share credits of their choice to continue developing their skills to take rides of their choice.

  11. Question:
    What if I have questions or problems after the individual training?
  12. Answer:
    Our instructors remain available to answer questions and trouble shoot issues. We will also follow up about 3 months after the session to see how things are going and offer additional training if needed.

  13. Question:
    How much does this training cost?
  14. Answer:
    This training is free to qualifying residents of Arapahoe, Douglas and Adams counties that receive IDD services. Denver and Jefferson County residents can attend for no cost by applying for a scholarship grant from Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS – Denver) or the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center (DDRC – Jefferson). We are happy to assist with scholarship applications. We encourage interested individuals who live outside of these counties to contact us to explore other scholarship opportunities. 

  15. Question: 
  16. Which ride share services are covered?


    Our program focuses primarily on UBER and LYFT, but we do discuss other services like Hop Skip Drive, DRMAC and Access-A-Ride.

  17. Question: 
  18. If I live in Arapahoe, Douglas or Adams county what do I need to do once I have submitted my sign-up form?


    Nothing. We will submit your information to Developmental Pathways for approval, you may be contacted by them if they need any additional information. Once approved you are all set to attend the session and will receive additional information from us.

  19. Question:
  20.  If I live in Jefferson County what do I need to do once I have submitted my sign-up form?


    Jefferson county residents will need to submit a request to the self determination initiative for a scholarship to attend. You can find more information at the DDRC website requests should be sent to Kelly King at If you need any assistance completing this process please do not hesitate to contact us. Once your request is approved you will receive additional information for us.

  21. Question:
    If I live in Denver what do I need to do once I have submitted my sign-up form?
  22. Answer: 

    Denver residents will need to submit a request to the Individual Requests for Supports and Services thru Rocky Mountain Human Services for a scholar ship to attend by clicking here if you need any assistance completing this process please do not hesitate to contact us. Once your request is approved you will receive additional information for us.

  23. Question: 
  24. If I do not live in one of these counties, can I still take the class?


    Yes!! If you live outside of one of the identified counties and would like to take that class, please contact us and we will work with you to find alternative scholarship or funding options. 

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